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  d i g i t a l   e n t i t i e s  
web design - graphics - copy writing - multimedia - entertainment - web hosting - wireless applications protocol (wap)
web design  
A well executed web design can meet many needs at once. Essential information flows through a design - expressing a company's stature, taste, and humor, while simultaneously meeting the customer's information needs. Client driven options give the customer control of the experience, and increased satisfaction.
Clean thoughtful graphics often set the exemplary site apart from the competition. Quick delivery remains the highest criteria for web site images, often defining the web experience for the user. We work hard to expand that experience within the constraints of bandwidth.
copy writing  
On the web it's important to say as much as possible as quickly as possible. For lengthy information, access to a document file is often more enjoyable to the end user, but for the down and dirty nothing beats the economy of the web. We streamline your message, and deliver it fast.
Video, vector graphics, sound, and newly emerging technologies offer many ways to bring a fuller experience to your web clients. Virtual tours, and process exposition are at the front of this cascade of possibilities. We match technologies to a target bandwidth.
Information delivery can be warm and engaging. And web content can exist outside any prescribed notion of what must be. You may have a new idea that will make your site something special, and generating interest can take on many forms. We can help you get there.
web hosting  
We offer hosting as a convenience to our customers. We manage your domain and assure net presence so that your information is constantly available 24/7. Optionally, we can give you a run down of web activity and target emerging customer interest.
WAP - another TLA (three letter acronym) for your techno shock pleasure, and like so many others new technologies this one offers a world of convenience. Your clients will be able to find you on the wireless web, confirm your contact information, or receive directions to your business location from their cellular phone or wireless PDA.

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